Victor Perton

Chief Optimism Officer for the Centre of Optimism

Infectious Optimism: Your Superpower of the 2020's

Victor is the Chief Optimism Officer for The Centre for Optimism. His underpinning beliefs are “The leader looks like the person in your mirror” & “All good leadership is optimistic.”

Victor is the author of “Optimism: The How and Why” and “The Case for Optimism: The Optimist’s Voices” and the Founder and Editor of “The Australian Leadership Project”.

For the last two years, he has delivered international keynote speeches and has conducted many workshops on becoming more optimistic, optimistic leaders, strategy and innovation.

In this highly interactive workshop, The Centre for Optimism’s Victor Perton shared the case for optimism in work life, home life and romance.

Victor shared the science behind realistic optimism as the underpinning of 2020s leadership, strategy, innovation, resilience and wellbeing.