Coraggio Member Connectivity Webinar (2)

Coraggio Member Panel

All business owners and employers HR questions answered

We invited Coraggio Members and HR experts to answer all your questions around mental health and wellbeing, flexible work arrangements and returning to the workplace.

The Member Connectivity webinar will be hosted by Coraggio CEOs, Richard Skarzynski and Coraggio Members; Annette Dixon, Managing Director of End2End Business Solutions, Brad Adams, Director of HR Dept Lower North Shore, and Sylvia Leigh, Managing Director of Astrum Recruitment.

Sylvia Leigh will open the session by discussing mental health and wellbeing covering;

  • How best to support employee’s mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19
  • The importance of business owners looking after their mental health and wellbeing – how to recognise your behaviour impacting on your staff
  • What should leaders be doing and avoiding whilst your team is working virtually
  • Best ways to maximise a productive virtual workforce.

Brad Adams will follow on flexible work arrangements highlighting;

  • Working from home considerations and workstation assessments
  • How to manage flexible and remote working teams more effectively
  • Working from home tips & tricks – including information on how to manage working from home with children
  • Virtual team building and guidance on virtual meetings
  • Tips on how to recruit and onboard new staff members whilst working from home.

Annette Dixon will close the session on Covid-19 vaccine rollouts impact on businesses & returning to the workplace including;

  • Mandatory Covid-19 vaccines in the workplace
  • Changing workplace legislation following Covid-19
  • What businesses need to do to manage a safe return to the physical workplace
  • Possible changes to workforces post-Covid.