Brendon North

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Owner of Paradise Fresh and Farmer Bros

A Coraggio journey - going from good to great

Brendon and Vicki North commenced farming in 1999 growing lettuce, herbs and Asian vegetables in a hydroponic system and selling this produce at their store in Tamworth, NSW.

They have now multiple stores in Tamworth, providing wholesale supply to cafes, restaurants, pubs, clubs, nursing homes and schools in North West NSW.

Additionally Paradise Fresh has also diversified its gourmet grocer concept to include deli products and fresh seafood.

Brendon’s latest initiative was identifying with his family what they would like to do together and that has formed their bucket list.

Key takeaways

  • Know your customer
  • Trust your Board and your Chair
  • Attend and plan for all your Board meeting
  • Take time to think
  • Understand resilience
  • Managing staff
  • Know your margins and stay on top of your numbers