Coraggio Member Connectivity Webinar (5)

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Hosted by Serge Romano & Mike Pritchett

Preparing your sales strategy for a post-pandemic world

Coraggio Chair, Serge Romano illustrates sales strategies businesses should be adopting in the post-pandemic world.

Serge Romano has more than 30 years’ experience in sales, with a vision to develop the next generation of exceptional salespeople. Serge’s sales expertise was honed by many years in the franchise area. As a part owner of the Movieland franchise model which included 135 stores across Australia, he helped develop a business model that was successfully implemented by franchises around Australia.

Serge is now the Director and Head Sales Coach for Leverage Sales Coaching within Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia teaching proven Sales Systems and Processes to CEO’s, Managing Directors, Sales Managers and sales teams across a diverse array of industry sectors.

As a sales leadership coach Serge’s expertise lies in assisting clients to continuously strive for their best business performance, identifying opportunities to achieve better outcomes, implementing strong staff development practices and performing regular reviews to enhance and motivate staff output. The ultimate conclusion culminating in the development and implementation of a company “Sales Playbook’!

Afterwards, Mike Pritchett, Chief Executive Officer of Shootsta demonstrates how businesses can accelerate their sales processes through video. Mike has more than 12 years video production experience, founding Shootsta in 2014 aimed to enable businesses to regularly create cost-effective quality video content.