Coraggio Member Connectivity Webinar (6)

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Hosted by Glen Falting & Catherine Wallace

The importance of protecting your business through corporate governance, shareholder agreements and ways to avoid insolvency

Coraggio Member, Glen Falting, Managing Director of Australian Corporate Governance illustrates the importance of corporate governance for private businesses.

Glen Falting, is a qualified lawyer and has been supporting cross border business and international operations for more than 20 years in Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Glen’s preference for delivering pragmatic and practical solutions underpin a proven ability to deliver successful domestic and international commercial outcomes for clients.

He possesses a deep understanding of the corporate governance, legal, compliance and operational risk control frameworks that are used to support business priorities and regulatory challenges in a diverse range of cultural, regulatory and political environments.

Afterwards, Catherine Wallace, Co-founder & Director of WALLACEWEIR highlights why businesses need a shareholder agreement, how to protect your business from the ATO and ways to avoid insolvency.

Catherine Wallace has worked as a Solicitor and a Barrister in Queensland across all areas of law – except criminal. Her specialities include commercial and family law. As a senior litigator, Cat has a reputation for providing clear and highly relevant advice to her clients and in her submissions to the Court. Having mentored many lawyers and law students in her time, Cat is highly respected in her areas of expertise and for her direct communication with others.