Michael McGrath

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Chief Executive Officer, Oasis Partners

Getting your business ready for sale and grow to capitalise on your exit strategy

Michael is an entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience creating, growing and divesting businesses globally.

In 1987 Michael commenced one of the first home pizza delivery chains in the UK. The business grew rapidly and by 1990 became number two in the market with 84 outlets and 15% market share within the growing delivery and take away sector.

In 1992, at age 28, Michael divested the business to the market leader Perfect Pizza without specialist support. It is through this experience Michael became passionate regarding growing businesses and maximising capital extraction through the M&A process.

He has owned and managed businesses in a variety of industry sectors including publishing, recruitment, children’s art and craft, manufacturing and distribution prior to founding in 2009 the Australian operation of Oasis Partners.

Michael now helps others to create, grow and extract wealth from their businesses through divestment and acquisition.

Getting your business ready for sale and grow to capitalise on your exit strategy

Selling a business is not like selling your house. A business is a dynamic living asset made up of customers, management, staff, stock, intellectual property and goodwill.
Valuing a business is not an exact science nor is determining what is required to improve for the purpose of a profitable sale.

Key takeaways

  1. How to prepare a strategy and plan for selling your business
  2. Analysing and mitigating risks
  3. Optimising your corporate strategy.