Gary Bertwistle

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Host of The Mojo Radio Show podcast

Strategic Mojo

Gary interviews people from across the globe who are making a difference and finding success in every walk of life. Performance, productivity, efficiency, community, the environment, leadership, business strategy, resilience, mental toughness, psychology. In fact, if there is a thought leader or topic that can help business leaders get their Mojo working in or out of work, then you are likely to see them as a guest on The Mojo Radio.

Strategic Mojo

There is a difference between having a strategy and being a strategist. This keynote outlines the essential skills, thinking and beliefs that a true strategist requires in order to not only create but execute an effective strategy to assist their company win during challenging markets against seen and unseen opponents. It is a session about the characteristics a great strategist embodies to form the DNA of a thoughtful leader that a team will rally behind and follow into battle.

Key takeaways

1. The attributes of a great strategist
2. Strategic mindset tools for challenging unpredictable times
3. The often-ignored essentials for your strategy