Felicity Furey

CEO & Founder of WeAspire

Debugging diversity

An award-winning business leader, engineer and entrepreneur, Felicity Furey has made a career out of making the ‘impossible’, possible.
Named one of AFR’s 100 Women of Influence by age 26 and Boss Magazine’s Young Executive of The Year, Felicity has led multi-million dollar engineering projects Australia-wide. She founded several successful businesses including Power of Engineering, Machinam (pronounced mak-in-am) and WeAspire and secured partnerships with the likes of Qantas, Toyota and Energy Australia.
Felicity mentors high-performing teams and equips current and emerging leaders across every industry with the impactful skills required to drive meaningful change.

Debugging diversity

How do you feel when you are the odd one out – comfortable or uncomfortable?

We know diversity is essential for better business outcomes, creativity and innovation. Can we simply throw a couple of different people into the mix and hope for the best? Well, not quite. We must also create an inclusive environment, however what is the right level of uncomfortable and comfortable in diversity for the best performance outcomes?
This presentation explores how to increase diversity and create inclusive environments – whether that is actions for individuals, modify behaviour and workplace culture or design of physical spaces. Felicity draws on her career experiences working in a male dominated industry, her knowledge of design principles as an engineer, and founding a successful not-for-profit organisation which directly tackles diversity and inclusion.

Key takeaways

Learn what it will take to create this diverse and inclusive world including:

  1. Personal leadership and courage, how to stand up and share your perspective
  2. Strategies addressing what leaders can implement to directly impact diversity and inclusion
  3. How to make inclusive decisions when diversity isn’t in the room.