Gary Bertwistle

Author & Keynote Speaker

Strategic Mojo - inside the mind of a great strategist

As the author of Who Stole My Mojo, Gary Bertwistle has always had a passion for innovation, creativity and doing things differently. His career has spanned the retail, music, media, corporate education and radio industries. Gary’s greatest desire is derived from people and organisations think differently to identify new ways of doing things – to break up the status quo and redesign the traditional formula.

As an innovative thought leader, Gary has helped companies, teams and individuals in companies of all sizes, in all industries and categories, to assess how they currently do things and address what needs to change in order for them to think differently and maximise their potential. He is often called upon when companies or individuals lose their mojo.

Strategic mojo – inside the mind of a great strategist

There is a difference between having a strategy and being a strategist. Similarly, there is also a difference between a strategist and a great strategist. This keynote outlines the essential skills, thinking and beliefs that a true strategist requires in order to not only create but execute an effective strategy to assist a company to win in the current challenging market against seen and unseen opponents. This session highlights characteristics that a great strategist to cultivate the DNA of a thoughtful leader, which a team is likely to rally behind and follow into battle.

Key takeaways

  • The attributes of a great strategist
  • Strategic mindset tools for challenging unpredictable times, now and into the future
  • The often ignored essentials for your strategy.