Peter Ord

Executive Director, Coraggio

8 lessons to be different

Peter Ord has more than 40 years of marketing and management experience in the USA, UK and Australia. He has successfully commenced and operated three entrepreneurial and health device companies, employing from 100 to 650 staff.

Most notably, Peter was the Chief Executive Officer of Device Technologies, the largest privately-owned health device company operating in Australia and New Zealand, the UK, and the USA.

Peter continues to mentor a number of associates and has been a member of a Coraggio Board for almost a decade. With a diverse range of local and international marketing, customer service and operational efficiencies, Peter’s work ethos and experiences guarantee a tangible focussed outcome on members needs to future proof a sustainable business.

Key takeaway

  • Move out of your comfort zone
  • Start imagining and get excited about what you CAN do!
  • Find a hero who has commitment, courage, and passion as well as the occasional flaw
  • Saying no to something before you investigate implies prejudice and pre-judgement
  • Choose to do something uncomfortable which you may make you wary
  • You cannot build a reputation on what you are going to do, instead, you need to invest in what needs to be done!
  • The person not taking risks feels the same amount of fear as the person who regularly takes risks
  • The real secret of being different and successful is enthusiasm – Walter Chayster