Jon Burgess

Founder, Kwan

Unlock the Power of Advocacy

Jon is a curious thought leader in people advocacy, connectedness and collaboration.

His passion to help organisations and leaders gain and maintain their competitive advantage through a deeper approach to relationship building, led to the launch of Kwan. He is renowned for his development of The Three Minds™ advocacy model.

With this arena being unaddressed in business strategies and employment life cycle, Kwan tackles a critical blindspot via a high-thought/low-touch approach and leader led delivery framework that supports a clients’ operating rhythm.

In this Coraggio Business Insights event, Jon shared his insights around:

  • The revolutionary Three Minds™ advocacy model developed by Jon Burgess
  • How to harness the power of advocacy to drive your business strategy forward
  • Exploring a high-thought/low-touch approach to relationship building
  • Insights on leader-led delivery frameworks that support your operating rhythm.