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Information technology as a driver of change for businesses

The rapid adoption of robots and artificial intelligence during the pandemic combined with a rebound in government investment is making some economists optimistic regarding a return of a 1990s economy with widespread benefits,

In a recent article Heather Long, economics correspondent of The Washington Times, cited that the United States is currently experiencing a surge in worker productivity that could rival that of the tech boom 20 years ago — if it lasts.

“As companies and customers embrace new technologies, making it easier for Americans to produce more with fewer workers, a growing number of economists say this is not a blip and could turn into a boom — or, at least, a “mini-boom” ― with wide-ranging benefits for years to come.

Higher productivity is the economy’s special sauce. Productivity refers to how much output a worker can do in an hour. When workers have better tools or the help of robots and artificial intelligence, they can make cars or process data much faster. Higher productivity typically leads to more goods and services available at a lower cost and increases in wages. Without it, economic growth is sluggish.”

You don’t have to go overseas to see similar trends and driving forces. In fact, you don’t have to go beyond Coraggio to see examples of how information technology is transforming business.

In this Coraggio’s Member Connectivity Webinar, four Members have been invited to illustrate this point by sharing how they deploy information technology to grow and develop their businesses or help others do the same.

The examples cover the following business areas or opportunities:

  • Create a great customer experience through optimised UX interaction
  • Don’t wait for reports when real-time business dashboards can give you real time access
  • How to bring together remote teams and integrate workflows with the office
  • Have you researched available industry software to overhaul your operations? – We explore a recent implementation case study.

Michael Fishpool, Founder of Transformd will present on ‘Superior UX Interaction – a new game in town’

Enhance your customer experience (ease of use, response times and intelligent interaction) while automating workflows and generate operating efficiencies and productivity gains.

Bill Bassett, Managing Director of Interclean speaks to ‘Real-Time Business Dashboards – MS BI makes it accessible to most’.

How to use MS BI to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of leading indicators to drive your operating performance and business goals.

Russell Garnett, Managing Director of Urban Revolutions follows on ‘Building your own. What you can do if you put your mind to it’.

Illustration of a technology platform that brings together a divergent workforce operateingremotely by providing continuity of workflows between the office and sites.

Mark Forland, Partner and Business Owner of Fast Track Communications concludes with ERP magic. ‘If it’s out there, use it – but make the right choice’

Case study regarding how a recent SIMPRO ERP implementation has impacted project management, staff utilisation and project profitability. Application for construction subcontractors.