Andrew Biggs

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Founder & CEO, Hanrob

Business Rebound

Andrew Biggs was appointed CEO of Hanrob Pet Hotels and Pet Professionals Australia in February 2004 and is the next generation of the family business. He has 30 years of experience in the Pet Care Industry and has worked in various other industries such as the motor vehicle and charity sectors. Andrew was the founder and CEO of Assistance Dogs Australia, a charity that trains dogs to help people with physical disabilities. He is a key stakeholder in animal welfare policy with state and federal governments and industries such as greyhound racing. Andrew is focused on business growth and delivering the highest standard of professional pet services across Australia and the region.


When the pandemic burst on the scene in early 2020, businesses faced dramatic shifts and the importance of strategic agility became critical. To survive, leaders were encouraged to pivot into new markets by developing new business models.

As history has proven, it is necessary to prepare for what is next during unprecedented times. Visionary leaders like Abraham Lincoln, FDR, Winston Churchill, and Nelson Mandela did not simply react to threats, but they looked beyond the horizon. They were guided and their people in turn motivated by their vision for a better future.



  • Rebounding from Major Disruptions
  • Challenges in scaling up
  • Future Workforce Planning