Edward Mallet

Managing Director, Employsure

Pivot of people and business management

British-born Edward Mallett started his career as an employment relations barrister at Littleton Chambers, after having studied law at Cambridge University in the UK and Duke University in the US.

After leaving the bar, Edward worked for Peninsula Business Services, the UK’s largest provider of employment law and safety advice to the small to medium business sector.

Mallett migrated to Australia in 2010, not long after the Fair Work Act 2009 was introduced. He had seen how high legal fees for business owners seeking HR help were and wanted to establish a new system which offered professional advice at an affordable price.

Seeing a gap in the Australian market, Mallett founded Employsure, a subscription-based workplace relations service offering round the clock advice to employers.

Shortly after securing his first client, Ed hired his first employee. And, within the space of eight months, Employsure’s client base had grown to 100.

The company received financial backing from UK-based Peninsula Group in 2012, allowing Ed to take the company national from its Sydney office.

This investment was the catalyst that helped Employsure grow rapidly. The company hit 1,000 clients by August 2013, more than 3,200 by the same time a year later, and by 2015 it exploded to 7,000, cementing its status as the largest business in its sector.

As of mid-2020 Employsure has about 900 staff and it services more than 27,000 clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Key takeaways:

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  • Latest WHS compliance updates that every business owner needs to be aware of
  • What employers can do to remain agile with people and business management.