Stephen Mifsud

Managing Director, Judo Bank

Managing the COVID crisis as a challenger bank

Stephen Mifsud is the Managing Director of Judo Bank, an SME challenger bank purposefully built to make it easier for Australian businesses to receive funding. Prior to Judo, he held numerous roles across CBA, NAB and WBC Banking Group with over a 16-year banking career across Corporate, Commerical and SME segments.

Key takeaways

  • Funding certainty remains a critical requirement for businesses
  • Judo continues to view each relationship on its merits and structures accordingly
  • We have delivered on our commitment to support the SME sector (our balance sheet has doubled in size since March)
  • We have walked the talk through the last 6 months support our most impacted clients
  • All files had a COVID management plan implemented within four days of COVID shut down
  • Judo remains committed to broadening our reach, expanding to Perth, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and South Australia.