Is your business ready to join Coraggio?

Gain the support and drive you need to accomplish your ambitions. Our Member selection process is quite thorough to ensure that partnering with Coraggio will add value to both your business, and all our Member’s businesses. Part of the application process involves learning about your business so that we can match you with the Advisory Board best suited to you.

Through our Advisory Board selection process, we create small groups held together tightly by respect, trust and concern for each other. Your Advisory Board members will likely become your first call for advice.

Once accepted, members gain access to:

Monthly advisory board meetings

Up to 15 members – selected to complement each other – spend a day each month working on their businesses together.

Priceless advice

The opportunity to discuss your business with an Accountant and a Lawyer for a full day- 12 days a year is priceless. The Advisory Boards are facilitated by an experienced and carefully selected Chairperson with proven business acumen who ensures the agenda is effective for all members.

Every member is handpicked for the Board that will work best for them and where they can contribute the most. There is only one member per industry on a Board, to ensure that competition can never cast a shadow over discussions.

Build valuable relationships

You will find a community of Australia’s leading business owners and entrepreneurs with a minimum turnover of $500k and ambitions to make a difference in the world. Expect to meet your next business partner or supplier or create alliances with other proven entrepreneurs.

Thought leadership & private gatherings

Monthly interactive speaker workshops provide practical bright new ideas, strategies and perspectives. Speakers will share industry insights and debate issues affecting society, the economy and the world of business.

We focus on providing our board members with the most up-to-date and relevant speakers to ensure they gain the most from the sessions and stay ahead of business trends. Additionally you can join in many facilitated and unfacilitated private events designed so you can connect with other members.

A network of peers you can talk to

Imagine no longer feeling lonely at the top. Coraggio is a community of more than 400 successful business owners. Our members are courageous and they want to be challenged. They live for success and seek peer support in operating their businesses at the greatest possible level of refined professionalism.

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What do business owners get from Coraggio?

As a member of an Advisory Board comprising only of other successful business owners, you will not be explaining your business to people who don’t know how business works. Your fellow Advisory Board members can contribute value because they have the experience to understand the challenges you face.

At a Coraggio Advisory Board meeting, you will be among peers who have walked in your shoes, and in the company of leaders who can give you new ideas about your business.

During our Board meetings, members open their books and present their business challenges without reservation. In return, they receive the frank and fearless advice of the other business owners operating as members of the board.

What makes Coraggio different?

With up to 15 other members in the room — each from a different industry — you will find yourself plugged into a diversity of high voltage thinking. As insights and suggestions come up for discussion, the whole group will contribute to shaping and honing them into actions you can take.

A Coraggio advisory board is a confidential peer group of achievers. By joining an advisory board, you are not restricting yourself to the opinions or advice of one person — a single individual who would be limited to the lens of their own experience or profession.

The range of opinions and advice you have access to at Coraggio can come only from putting your business in front of multiple people who are running their own successful but different businesses.

You will learn not only from the conversations centred around your business, but also from discussions where ideas, insights and stories spark thoughts for your business.

What is our philosophy?

We believe there are four key areas that determine the success of a business:

  • Attracting and retaining the right people
  • Creating a truly differentiated strategy
  • Driving flawless execution
  • Building financial growth

These areas are broken up by quarter and lay theme to our monthly meetings.

What is the format of a Board day?

Meetings commence with an overarching review of each members achievement and outcomes for the month, along with any identification of areas for opportunity, business or personal concern.

This allows board members to be transparent and honest about their business and have an open discussion around certain aspects that they would like to explore further as a group. As members share their business plans, priorities and performance with their Advisory Board they will then debate, brainstorm and strategise the best outcome for the individual and their business.

What will be expected of you as a Coraggio member?

  1. To demonstrate Courage: Coraggio is Italian for courage, an ingredient essential to success in business. As an advisory board member, you’ll be expected to demonstrate courage in your preparedness:
  2. To be held accountable: Advisory board meetings are strictly confidential but they are not binding. No member is obliged to take the advice of any other member, but it is the job of our chairs to hold members accountable. The advisory board will always expect to hear how a strategy, tactic or issue has progressed.
  3. To be fearless in giving your opinions.
  4. Commit to one day per month for the process to achieve the greatest reward.

Does this sound like you?

Do you own a successful business? Would you like to be an integral member of a small, confidential group of business owners sharing their insights and experiences for the benefit of your business? And would your business benefit from connecting with a broader community of more than 400 driven business owners?

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