Is your business ready to join Coraggio?

We ensure all members partnering with Coraggio will add value to both you and your business. We take pride to learn intrinsically about your business, we match you with the advisory board guaranteeing you best business outcomes.

Our Advisory Boards work together cohesively from a platform of respect, trust and concern. Your fellow board members form a highly effective peer group ensuring you always have strong support networks.

Effective, timely and powerful advice

Your opportunity to discuss business challenges with your fellow Board members, along with an accountant and a lawyer, 12 days a year. We guarantee this formula produces productive business outcomes for all of our Coraggio members. Facilitated by a leading Chairperson with proven business expertise ensuring the agenda is relevant, timely and of significance to all of our members.

Members are selected for the Board, Coraggio knows will most effectively work for their business. Only one member per industry on any given Board, ensuring a sustainable competitive edge.

We aim to position our members on a board, which aligns with the business synergy and vision moving forward. In addition, only one member per industry is allocated to any given Board , ensuring your business maintains a strong competitive edge.

board meeting
Networking event

Leverage mutually beneficial relationships

Join Australia’s leading business owners and entrepreneurs in a cohesive and confidential environment. Unleash the potential to meet new clients, business partners, suppliers and create alliances with your fellow business colleagues.

Generate a network of like-minded peers

Coraggio recognises, it may be lonely at the top, we are proud of our community consisting of more than 400 successful business owners. Our members courageously encourage challenging assumptions and identifying new ways of expanding their business. They value peer support enabling them to more effectively operate their businesses at the highest level of professionalism and company growth.

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speaker session

Access thought leadership & private gatherings

Monthly interactive speaker workshops provide innovative ideas, practical strategies, insightful perspectives. Our speakers share industry expertise and debate topical issues impacting a diverse array of businesses and our economy.

These state-of-the art speakers are industry leaders providing Coraggio Board members with timely and relevant information to ensure our members stay at the forefront of business trends. We encourage all members to attend our private events designed to connect them in an industry and social environment.

Attend monthly Advisory Board meetings

Imagine working cohesively with 15 members, selected to compliment each other one day every month, collaboratively working on their businesses and your business.

Board meeting
Dexus Place immersive studio


Our facilities offers premium meeting and gathering spaces backed up by state of the art video conferencing facilities.

Breakout rooms are ideal for community and networking over a coffee, lunch or afternoon drink. Guest speaker presentations take place in purpose built rooms with multiple large screens and VC facilities for those meeting remotely.

We believe the right environment leads to quality thinking and outcomes.

BRISBANE Level 31, 1 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000
GOLD COAST Palazzo Versace 94 Seaworld Dr, Main Beach QLD 4217
SYDNEY Level 15, 1 Farrer Place, Sydney NSW 2000
SYDNEY Level 5, 1 Margaret St, Sydney NSW 2000
MELBOURNE Level 14, 385 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000

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How Coraggio benefits businesses?

As a member of a Coraggio Advisory Board you will collaborate with other like-minded business owners, you will be sharing concepts and discussing challenges with peers willing to assist in your success.

Your fellow Board members contribute value to your business based on their extensive experience understanding best practice business productivity and effectively resolving challenges.

In essence, Coraggio Advisory Board meetings provide the perfect platform for you to discuss new ideas to project your business forward with the advantage to leverage the opinion of leaders who have walked in your shoes.

During these Board meetings, Members open their books and present business challenges without reservation. In return, they receive objective, knowledgeable and fearless advice from successful business owners.

What makes Coraggio different?

The opportunity to leverage up to 15 Board members— with diverse industry experience sharing their insights and contributing to tangible actions and measurable methods to improve your business.

You receive direct access to an array of opinions from multiple effective operators running their own successful business.

You will learn from both the conversations centred around your business, as well as in-depth discussions highlighting innovative ideas, inspirational insights and motivating stories  to benefit your business.

The Coraggio philosophy?

A Coraggio Advisory Board is a peer group of achievers who collaborate confidentially. Instead of restricting yourself to the opinions or advice of a limited few, becoming a Coraggio Member enables you to leverage on the extensive experience of numerous professionals guaranteeing improved business productivity.

We believe there are four key areas that determine sustainable business success including:

  • Creating a truly differential strategic direction
  • Attracting and retaining the right people
  • Implementing a flawless execution
  • Driving a future-proof, sustainable company
  • Building financial growth

These themes are addressed quarterly and form the foundation of our monthly Advisory Board meetings.

A snapshot of a Advisory Board day

Meetings commence with an overarching review of each Member’s monthly achievements and outcomes, whilst identify business opportunities, challenges and personal concerns.

This format enables board members complete business transparency facilitating an open discussion regarding any aspects they would like to explore further as a group. As Members share their business plans, priorities and performance with their Advisory Board they debate, brainstorm and strategise best business outcomes with their fellow peers within a confidential, inspirational and exhilarating environment.

Your role as a Coraggio Member?

  1. To embrace Courage: Coraggio is Italian for courage, an integral ingredient for business success. As an Advisory Board Member, you’ll be expected to demonstrate courage in your preparedness
  2. To be held accountable: Advisory board meetings are strictly confidential however they are not binding. Members are not obliged to adopt the advice of any other Member. It is the role of the Chair to hold Members accountable. Your Advisory Board will encourage hearing how a business strategy, tactic or issue has progressed.
  3. To be fearless in sharing your opinions.
  4. Commit to one day per month for the process to achieve the greatest return on your investment.

Would you like to be a part of this?

Want to be an integral member of a confidential group of business owners sharing their insights and experiences for the benefit of your business? Imagine how your business would benefit and grow from connecting with a broader community consisting of more than 400 high performing and driven business owners!

Explore membership today! Find out how our proven program can help you build a better business and become a better leader.

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