You are invited to attend one of our upcoming events and explore how Coraggio is able to support your business challenges and achieve tangible goals.

Imagine you had your own Board of Directors that provided you with objective advice and on-going peer support to help you work more strategically.

Held online and face-to-face

Are you ready for fearless objective advice?

What is the landscape going to look like over the next few months and few years? Coraggio peer to peer mentoring may be your solution to success in these uncertain times. Coraggio creates the opportunity to discuss business challenges with your Chair, fellow Advisory Board Members, an accountant and a lawyer, one full day every month. We guarantee this formula facilitates productive business outcomes for all our Members.

After registering, you will be contacted by your local Advisory Board Development Team Member. We’ll uncover if Coraggio is the right fit for you professionally and personally and if a mutually beneficial partnership with Coraggio is viable.

We look forward to catching up with you and answering all your questions.

The session will cover:

— What you can expect from Coraggio?

— What you will achieve in Coraggio?

— What makes Coraggio different?

— Who should join Coraggio?

— Application and membership opportunities

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Coraggio Melbourne team with Cain Liddle
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Susan Wynne and Malcolm Turnbull
Brendan Nelson speaking at Coraggio

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