A legacy of mentorship

Coraggio’s founders have all built profitable businesses in Australia — enterprises with annual turnovers up to $400 million. However, none of our founders succeeded alone.

They each experienced business challenges which they were able to overcome due to mentor relationships.

Coraggio was founded primarily to pay tribute and acknowledge their past mentors by providing business owners a similar, competitive advantage. The Coraggio advantage facilitates guidance from someone with first-hand experience providing resolutions, fresh perspectives and facilitating improved personal development and business outcomes.

The only thing better than one mentor is leveraging the opinions of up to a dozen peers from diverse industries and backgrounds, committed to focusing their attention to each other’s businesses one day every month.

Coraggio is a business emerging from a legacy. A legacy which aims to give back to business owners by providing a platform facilitating meaningful and mutually beneficial business outcomes. To achieve this vision, 80% of Coraggio’s revenue is reinvested into training, speakers, and events for the benefit of our Members.

Structure  – time is precious
Accountability – do what you say you will do
Transparency – numbers don’t lie
Honesty – don’t kid yourself, or others
Focus – stay on track
Community – running a business doesn’t need to be lonely

Coraggio is Italian for Courage

We are an Australian company, encouraging our Members to adopt a courageous attitude – a unique quality amongst successful business owners.

However, business success ensues from taking risks bravely, not blindly. To support thoughtful decisions, Coraggio provides extensive peer to peer mentoring enabling you to leverage industry intelligence and gain fresh perspectives.

The key to sustainable success is to position yourself on a path of reflection, improvement, and accelerated learning. This is the most effective way to gain greater perspective, increase business productivity and heighten personal achievements.

Diversity: the art of thinking independently. Together.

Malcolm Forbes
Entrepreneur — Forbes Magazine

Foundation Member - Hugh McKensey

Hugh Mckensey is one of 12 courageous business leaders who founded Coraggio. He is a well-respected Accountant and highly regarded Business Advisor who has spent the last 31 years meeting monthly with his Coraggio Advisory Board. In honour of Hugh’s contributions to Coraggio we have bequeathed him the title of First Foundation Member. Click to hear the value Hugh has gained both in his personal and professional life from being a member of Coraggio – summed up as ‘life-changing’!

Every Summer, Henry Ford took a few weeks to adventure across America with Thomas Edison and Harvey Firestone. This trio of legends set out without a destination, riding high above the open road in a Model T.

Naturally, Ford drove, his fingers oily from tuning the engine. Edison rode shotgun, navigating from a pile of atlases with compass poised in his hand.

A journalist described these trips as “millions of dollars’ worth of brains going on vacation”. However, these road trips were much more than holidays.

As they drove — and later, around the campfire — these lions of industry and invention discussed their businesses. In turn, each of these million-dollar brains enjoyed the benefit of a few million dollars of extra brainpower.

Imagine all that brilliance shining on your business.

The secret formula.

In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill writes about Ford’s road trips as an example of a “mastermind”. Masterminds, Hill discovered, were part of the “secret formula” common to the 500 “exceedingly wealthy people” he interviewed for his book.

Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, Thomas Edison, and the other legends profiled by Napoleon Hill were exceptionally gifted thinkers and businesspeople. The common factor they all recognised is that no one person working alone will find it easy to beat a competitor drawing from a deeper and broader flow of experiences and insights.

Coraggio’s Advisory Boards are cloistered squarely within this long tradition of successful business owners leveraging experience diversity and opinions to address each other’s business challenges.

In the words of Henry Ford “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself”.

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