Phillip Di Bella

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Chairman, Di Bella Group of Companies

Entrepreneurial lessons for business success

Phillip Di Bella is a Chairman at the Di Bella Group of Companies.

He is a highly respected business entrepreneur with a unique ability to visualise and commercialise what many others never see. Though initially known for the establishment of Di Bella Coffee, which became Australia’s largest speciality coffee company, Phillip’s entrepreneurial spirit has brought success to other businesses such as International Coffee Traders, Abbotsford Road Specialty Coffee in New York, and more recently The Coffee Commune.

Not satisfied with simply focusing on building his own successful businesses, Phillip has dedicated much time to supporting the growth and development of other businesses. Often referred to as
an “Entrepreneur in Residence”, Phillip regularly lends his strategic thinking to businesses such as BDO Consulting, helping their clients overcome challenges, see new opportunities, and then supporting the commercialisation of these solutions.

Underscoring everything that Phillip does is his drive for ongoing growth, development, and improvement – to be the best he can be and to help others achieve this too.

Key takeaways:

  1. The importance of resilient leadership
  2. Be clear, creative and strong about your companies vision
  3. How to build a brand customers will follow