Trudy MacDonald

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Founder & Managing Director of TalentCode HR

Creating a culture of accountability

Trudy is a business leader, award-winning speaker and human resource professional specialising in enabling business success.

Trudy is a regular speaker at Industry Associations, Conferences and Corporate Events and is consistently among the highest-rated presenters.

Currently, Trudy is the Founder/Managing Director of TalentCode HR and is passionate about improving the performance of businesses by creating high-performance teams, company culture and facilitating leadership capabilities.

Creating a culture of accountability

One of the most common challenges leaders’ face is creating a sustainable culture of accountability that allows the business to deliver on its strategic objectives and business as usual.

By creating role clarity, assigning purpose and ownership and setting clear expectations of what success looks like leaders can create an engaged and motivated culture.

More recently, a number of businesses are needing to re-define ales and their purpose within the business to support high performance and establish clear expectations around performance measures as a way of determining individual success and contribution to overall business growth.

Key takeaways:

  1. How to define ‘greatness’ at a company, team and individual level.
  2. How to engage people so there is clarity regarding their roles and expected outcomes to achieve these desired results.
  3. How to rethink traditional performance reviews to avoid common pitfalls.
  4. How to have effective accountability conversations that inspire, engage and motivate individuals.