John Kapos

Owner of Perfection Chocolates

Navigating your business through social media

John Kapos is a 3rd generation LIVE streaming, social media, chocolatier and CEO of his family business Perfection Chocolates Est 1939.
John is also an International keynote speaker and has transformed his family business to a global brand using digital marketing and all aspects of social media.

Hailing from Sydney, he was an early adopter of the online world. John is constantly keeping up with the latest trends and developments in social media, and possess the knowledge to convert that into business success.

John teaches, guides and educates small business owners, corporate companies and entrepreneurs who need to expand, innovate and stand out from the crowd leveraging all social media platforms.

With thousands of followers on multiple channels and millions of views, John is excited to demonstrate ways he has executed social media and looking forward to sharing his journey with you.

Key takeaways

  1. Short form video is on the rise
  2. How live streaming brings authenticity
  3. The importance of being raw and real
  4. Establishing relationships to build trust and your business.