Coraggio Member Connectivity Webinar – February 2023

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Featuring Walter MacCallum

Impact of the Fair Work Act Amendments on business owners

Walter MacCallum has 21 years of extensive experience in commercial litigation in all court jurisdictions, acting for, and advising, individual clients, family enterprises, start-ups and commercial operations ranging from small-to-medium enterprises to large corporations, including not-for-profits.

Walter’s work is principally based on the understanding there is no winners in lengthy contested litigation and early resolutions are often preferable. To this end, Walter’s demonstrated expertise as a tough negotiator has won his clients results typically not possible outside the court processes.

This Coraggio Member Connectivity Webinar, hosted by Michelle Lagana, Coraggio Chair, interviewing Walter MacCallum, Principle at Russell Kennedy Lawyers, will cover the Fair Work Legislation Act amendments’ impact on private Australian business owners. This insightful session will explore the act’s changes, highlighting how it will impact businesses operating in Australia.

A snapshot facilitating an in-depth understanding of the legal landscape and how to navigate these changes to be compliant and protect your business.