Emily Kucukalic

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Founder & Managing Director, Brand New You Group

Mastering Feedback - Science, Strategies and Success

Emily Kucukalic is the Managing Director of the Brand New You Group, founded in 2009. Brand New You (BNY) delivers personal branding programs to world leading companies, including more than 35% of the ASX 50 are clients.

She shares her expertise on the critical role of feedback in driving growth and innovation in business.

Throughout this engaging presentation, you will gain valuable insights and strategies on how to deliver and receive feedback constructively, helping to identify areas for improvement and uncover new opportunities.

Here are three key takeaways from this informative session:

  • Understanding the different types of feedback and how to deliver it in a way that inspires growth and development is crucial to success in business
  • Learning how to receive feedback constructively and using it to unlock your full potential is essential to personal and professional growth
  • Giving and receiving feedback in a way that supports your business goals is a key component of fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.