Brad Seymour

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Coraggio Chair

How to drive authentic strategy and excel at execution

Strategic planning and business execution are all about encompassing authenticity, awareness, focus and alignment. A smart understanding of who you are, what drives you and your team, your brand to attract customers and your competitors is crucial, and you need to relentlessly stay on top of this rhythm.

Recently Coraggio Chair, Brad Seymour spoke at the launch of our Gold Coast Boards on ‘driving authentic strategy and excel at execution’.

Brad Seymour is passionate about building businesses. His passion is ensuring they succeed through leveraged investment in people, process, product, and promotion to drive shareholder and stakeholder value creation and disrupt the status quo.

His 25 years’ experience as Senior Executive, Company Director and Entrepreneurial Proprietor in Australia, New Zealand, South-East Asia, and India has forged his ‘back to basics” management principles and stoically define Brad’s highly effective and productive rules for business success.

Key takeaways:

  • Challenge the authenticity of your current business strategy
  • Define the role of a balanced and engaged team in terms of design and delivery
  • Identify how connected you are with your core business and what are you prepared to do to keep it real
  • Highlight the importance of process and communications in all you do
  • Assist you to focus on the fundamental keys to success
  • Provide leadership tools to develop genuine self-reflection and discover the art of asking great questions