Top leadership development traits for business owners

Successful leaders are the driving force behind all of the great global businesses. Great leaders recognise the strength of their leadership is built on their ability to adapt to evolving circumstances and know how and when to seize opportunities amid a changing landscape.

As the world economy continues to become increasingly unpredictable, some of the most prominent business leaders have stood out from the crowd. This exclusive group of outstanding leaders, routinely exhibit common qualities and characteristics, enabling them to flourish during challenging times.

Assessing a culmination of qualitative and quantitative research articles, Coraggio has cherry-picked the following 11 leading superlative attributes exemplary in conveying what it takes to be an effective and therefore successful business leader in today’s ever-changing society, incorporating: decisiveness, patience, focus, confidence/courage, resilience/perseverance, integrity, innovation/creativity/inspiration, empathy/emotional intelligence, accountability/responsibility, humility, as well as being open to coachability.