Cyber Security – How to establish, prepare and mitigate cyber attacks to minimise risk

2021 has been another year which has reinforced just how much we live in a digital age. Whilst this means the cost of communicating with loved ones and work teams has become almost negligible, it also means the cost of digital, or cyber attacks have significantly escalated. This combined with the large profits of cyber crime, the wealth disparity between countries and continuing acts of cyber warfare, equates to cyber attacks are on the rise and constantly evolving.

With travelling ceasing, most businesses and services switched primarily to online operations. Those companies already online had to expand, introducing entirely new processes into their workflows. This rapid shift opened organisations up to cyber threats on a larger scale than ever before.

As a result, cyber threats are a massive hazard and with the increase in artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, cyber attacks are easier to carry out. Effective corporate cyber security is an issue many businesses are facing today and there can be a lot of risk involved not having a comprehensive strategy for protecting customers’ information. Protection has never been more critical.

Coraggio highlights how to establish, prepare and mitigate cyber attacks to minimise risk.