Cyber Security

Cyber attacks are rising and everyone is vulnerable. One in three Australians is expected to be impacted by a cyber attack. We need to take more responsibility for our employees personal phones, computers and networks – at home and work to ensure all devices are up to date and secure.

Coraggio Member, Martin Boyd from Vertex Cyber Security shares, “Now is a great time to start thinking about improving your Cyber Security but choosing who to talk to or where to start can feel daunting. We recommend having a conversation with a good Cyber company like Vertex to understand your options and figure out the most appropriate next step for your business. This is because Cyber Security can be confusing with options such as Penetration Testing (Ethical Hacking to find your vulnerabilities), ISO27001 certification, Cyber Security Audits, Cyber Security Policies, Firewalls, AntiVirus, Managed Cyber Security, Cyber Training, Cyber Security Products and the list goes on.”