Business owners tips leading productivity and employees post COVID

Business owners and employees have a shared sense of purpose and a common performance culture – they know what the company stands for, beyond shareholder value and how to get things done right.

Australian businesses of all sizes and across industries are suffering from an acute talent shortage. In fact, we are witnessing employers struggling to attract and retain skilled staff. Nationally, job vacancies in professional services are reported to be at record highs.

Employers have a duty of care to all staff which includes their mental and physical health.

Moving forward from a crisis as businesses mobilise, stabilise and return to work, a company that invests time and energy considering upcoming risks and pre-determining the right actions for each is more likely to mitigate risk and morph into strategic opportunities.

Coraggio recommends the following after-action review to collect data and insights on lessons learned from the pandemic, drive business performance and heighten employee morale. Executing these building blocks to prioritise actions to enhance business value today and build strategic resilience for tomorrow.