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Key takeaways for 2021/22

By February 24, 2021October 24th, 2021Featured Article, Thought Leadership

Have you ever thought your business could be running more efficiently or there’s more you could be doing? Even the best entrepreneurs aren’t experts at everything. The measure of an effective business owner is knowing what skills are required to augment the talents of others.

This article highlights 6 lessons for business owners to thrive in 2021/22:

Lesson 1: Surround yourself with like-minded people
Lesson 2: Effective feedback can result in significant positive results
Lesson 3: Running your business vs Growing your business
Lesson 4: Strategy. Execution, People and Cash are the cornerstones to a productive business
Lesson 5: Do you know where your business is going, however you don’t know how it got there?
Lesson 6: Mentoring makes good leaders even better.

key take-aways for 2021/22

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