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The key to business success in 2023

By February 9, 2023February 23rd, 2023eBook, Featured Article

Effective operational systems, including relevant customer-centric and efficient back office processes, as well as seamless management programs highlighting areas where operating costs can be reduced, as well as enabling concise business decisions derived from sound data to increase profit margins. Accurate cash flow reporting and identifying timely acceleration opportunities are also imperative.

The attached articles highlight the following:

  • Work from the outside in. Think about the fundamentals and get the 1% right. This will make your customers sticky!
  • Anticipate the problem and solve the problem one day at a time
  • What makes you different and relevant? If you close the doors today where will your customer go tomorrow?
  • What is your why? Your purpose, in terms of personal, professional and family eg take a holistic approach. Everyone has a story and a journey– own yours

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