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Five Insights towards building, scaling and selling a multi-million dollar Medical Device Business

Discover the secret recipe for success in building, scaling, and selling a multi-million dollar medical device business. Learn from the inspiring journey of Device Technologies, a company founded by four close friends – John McQuillan, Peter Ord, Kevin Ryan, and Bill Walker. With a shared vision to enhance patient outcomes in Australia’s medical technology industry, these pioneers transformed a small grassroots orthopaedic joint replacement specialist company into an internationally recognised powerhouse with a reputation for innovation and trust.

Uncover the five crucial insights that will lead you to achieve similar success in the medical technology industry.

  1. Business partners & team: Choose your partners wisely, build a dedicated team, and diversify your products and services
  2. Unique value proposition: Clearly define your differentiation and know your customers
  3. Product improvement & value-add services: Attract clients by enhancing products, diversify, and retain customers with value-added services
  4. Reassess & retain: Re-evaluate economic assumptions and keep good staff on board
  5. Strengthen supply chains: Build resilience and reinforce supplier networks.

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