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4 July 2024: Leading national Advisory Board organisation Coraggio launched its presence on the Sunshine Coast last night hosting a networking event attended by more than 50 influential local business leaders and owners.

Coraggio provides Members opportunities to strategise, navigate and scale up. Operational in three states, Coraggio’s Members testify to the tangible benefits derived from leveraging a collective wisdom of like-minded peers, accountability to fast-track professional growth and personal development whilst supporting local job creation, economic viability and sustainable growth.

As the inaugural Chair of the Sunshine Coast, John Williams welcomed Coraggio CEO, Richard Skarzynski and Coraggio Chair Michelle Lagana to the Sunshine Coast.

“We are thrilled to be launching on the Sunshine Coast – a region known for its already collaborative business community. Our hope is to work with local businesses providing Advisory Boards and mentoring opportunities incorporating challenging assumptions, risk mitigation, and gaining knowledge from diverse industry sectors,” said Skarzynski.

Skarzynski added as part of their commitment to the Sunshine Coast, Coraggio has confirmed their sponsorship of the 2024 Sunshine Coast Business Awards.

“Coraggio’s support of these business awards reflects our intention to invest in the local community. For more than a decade, Coraggio has mentored private business owners for the benefit of local communities and these industry awards are an ideal alignment as they represent progressive business success. Afterall, all ships rise with the tide,” he added.

Coraggio is Italian for courage and was founded in 2010 by 14 courageous Australian business owners to generate a platform for other Aussie businesses to drive productivity and personal development.

Members interested in engaging with Coraggio network nationally and gain insights from monthly high-profile keynote speakers, industry opinion leaders highlighting the latest industry trends, changes in legislation, operational efficiencies, human resourcing and business growth.

Sunshine Coast businessman  John Williams said he was thrilled to be involved as an inaugural Chair locally for Coraggio kicking off with the inaugural Advisory Board meeting on Wednesday 4 September.

“It was my pleasure to give a warm Sunshine Coast welcome to Coraggio who will provide another fantastic opportunity for local businesses to reach new heights and in turn, benefit the future of our region,” said Williams.

For more information regarding the Coraggio community, head to www.coraggio.com.au or contact Coraggio’s CEO Richard directly on 0439 648 344

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