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The most successful business owners have always known they must tap into networks. Those networks might be school or university alumni groups. They might be professional associations. They might be informal — golf clubs or family connections.

But those networks don’t always operate on merit. They aren’t always about being the right person; they are often about knowing the right people. And not everyone does.

Keeping the playing field uneven is not a very Australian way of doing business. Founded by Australian business owners who wanted to give back, Coraggio is about giving every successful business owner access to a network that will support them in their aspirations and magnify their success.

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At Coraggio we look for business owners who have
— as our name suggests — courage.

The courage to accept genuine feedback from their peers and the courage to give it in return.

Together, our members are helping each other to grow their businesses and to become sophisticated leaders of their people.

Members do that primarily through monthly advisory board meetings where up to 15 members — selected to complement each other — spend a day working on their businesses together. Each member benefits from the wisdom of the others and the guidance of a professional, experienced chair.

It’s a proven formula — Coraggio members see an average 19.75% annual increase in revenue as a result of their membership.

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