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Coraggio is a community of private business owners, industry leaders and senior executives at various stages of their company’s lifecycle who share, learn and grow through our peer-to-peer mentoring approach.

If you’re looking for practical ways to improve business performance, Coraggio offers an environment where you can openly discuss business challenges on a monthly basis, with your very own group of industry leaders – we call this your Coraggio Advisory Board.

Our promise to you


Over 300 businesses have joined Coraggio nationally, with turnover between half a million to 400 million and a collective earning of over 1 billion dollars. The diversity in our Advisory Boards benefit our board members through the ability to access a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Conversations that count

As a business owner it is a rare opportunity to experience an open dialogue with the calibre of Coraggio members without conflicting interest.

Drivers of innovation

Coraggio is a place of ideas and innovation and our board meetings provide a unique platform to showcase them. We invite high profile speakers and industry experts to our board meetings each month.


Coraggio is an Australian business which prides itself on our exclusive community of engaged and collaborative businesses.

A day at Coraggio

When joining Coraggio, businesses are placed in an Advisory Board that is carefully chosen to align with their business needs and expertise. Meeting monthly, each Advisory Board journeys towards business excellence by focusing on four key areas: people, strategy, execution and finance. All businesses share openly in a confidential environment to deliver the best cohesive outcome.

What sets us apart

It is the special ingredient that you get in a Coraggio Advisory Board and I’ve not experienced it in any other group that I have worked in

Hugh McKensey

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