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Fearless objective advice


Join other business owners to discuss business challenges, face to face, with your Chair, fellow Members, an accountant and a lawyer, one full day every month. We guarantee this formula facilitates productive business outcomes.

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Imagine if you could leverage the experience of your very own mentoring group of industry peers by being part of a highly effective community of business owners passionate about to helping you succeed.

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Coraggio is creating an Australian legacy which aims to give back to business owners. To achieve this vision, 80% of Coraggio’s revenue is reinvested into training, speakers, and events for the benefit of our Members.

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CEO Welcome

“Coraggio is quite simply, all about our Members. Members who care about their businesses, care about their fellow Coraggion’s businesses and care about making a long term difference professionally, personally and for the benefit of community.

We have assisted more than 400 companies with fearless, objective advice to navigate, scale and perform, resulting in productive outcomes and ongoing sustainable revenue streams. Your fellow peer mentors, from diverse industry sectors, form a highly effective collaboration of the best business minds; whilst generating new alliances and enhanced learning experiences.

Anything you can learn yourself; you can learn faster when guided. In a confidential environment, working with an accountant and a lawyer, this combined experience fills skill gaps in your knowledge, provides greater perspective and impartial advice.

Facilitating strong support networks towards future proofing your business and guaranteeing performance accountability.

It is a privilege to be part of a 10 year legacy leading Coraggio into 2022, supporting the growth and expansion of private Australian business owners and our best leaders for tomorrow.”

Richard Skarzysnki
Richard Skarzynski
CEO and Advisory Board Chair

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New advisory boards launching soon

Coraggio is a community of highly-effective business owners who share, learn and grow at various stages of their company’s life-cycle through our peer-to-peer mentoring approach.

Coraggio recognises it can be lonely at the top.

When a business reaches a particular size, consistent, hands on support is imperative to every business owner.

The strength in attending your monthly Coraggio Advisory Board facilitates opportunities to challenge business assumptions amongst your fellow group of industry leaders.

Chaired by a business expert, these former CEO’s will guide your business through any challenges, guaranteeing tangible, productive outcomes for your company.

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Brisbane Chair

Bill Crichton

Accelerate Board Chair

Ramy Arnaout

Melbourne Chair

Wendi Dawson

Sydney Chair

Michelle Laforest


Discover why they’re passionate about what they do.

Member Story


Fortissimo Marketing is a growth marketing agency, specialising in providing complete, Done-For-You marketing services to…
July 5, 2021

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Australian Head Office:

1300 899 006
Level 1, 24 Young Street,
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Brisbane Board Meetings:

Level 31, 1 Eagle Street,
Brisbane QLD 4000

Melbourne Board Meetings:

Level 14, 385 Bourke Street,
Melbourne VIC 3000

Sydney Board Meetings:

Level 15, 1 Farrer Place,
Sydney NSW 2000

Level 5, 1 Margaret Street,
Sydney NSW 2000