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Coraggio's Strategic Guidance Empowers Company with a Comprehensive Business Approach

Simply eLearning is Australia’s leading eLearning content design agency helping Australia businesses build teams through communication and engagement strategies that support workforce learning and growth.

We work with a huge range of clients across all industries, exploring and proving solutions to workforce engagement and business compliance through the design and development of knowledge and learning content.

By content, we mean everything from enterprise culture videos and workforce learning content, to hype reels and product, sales launches and software training through to inductions and compliance training.

If there is information or knowledge you want to share with your workforce and/or clients and want to engage them in the process, we can design and build it!

Reasons for choosing Coraggio
  1. I liked the ethos and communication from the outset. It looked to be and has proven to be a very supported environment.
  2. It is an excellent vehicle for not only holding me accountable but for receiving feedback from other business owners who are either going through the same things or have been through them and found possible solutions that they share openly
  3. Most of my board member businesses are at the same stage of business as me in regard to the plateau before the next big growth jump. There is a lot of understanding about challenges faced and I love how open they are in workshopping solutions!
How we use Coraggio

To gain support and understanding from like-minded people. My board is an excellent sounding board for me as a sole Company Director. I also really enjoy a whole day to focus on business and helping others to achieve their goals in a supported environment.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  • The culture allows for individuals to thrive in a group environment;
  • They show they really care;
  • I love the format where everyone gets equal time to share and reflect;
  • It’s a safe environment;
  • It has helped me to focus on the business in a more structured way and find solutions for things that were holding me back.

Workforce Learning and Communication

Company size

10 employees


Our office located at Varsity Lakes on the Gold Coast, with a satellite team in the Philippines hosted office

Key outcomes as a result of being with Coraggio

I have been with Coraggio for a year now and in that time, through the support of my Chair and Board, I have been able streamline the company operations, implement a GM Role to support me and start to focus on the parts of the business I enjoy, rather than the day-to-day operations. I have some freedom now and time to better understand where I want to head and have been given the time to plan for it.

Lee Corbett
Founder & Managing Director | Simply eLearning

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