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How Coraggio's peer-to-peer collaboration, helped this time management specialist take a holistic business approach

How great would it be if we were as organised as an ant?

We all seek the perfect work/life balance, however when struggling with this balance we often blame a lack of time. The real challenge is our relationship with time.

Antplanners assists busy and often overwhelmed business owners and professionals, become more productive with their time through workshops, programs, and the ideal business tool, a paper planner/diary.

At Antplanners we aim to change the mindset and the vocabulary regarding better time management to facilitate business planning including forward thinking and goal setting guaranteeing sustainable future proofing.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

I walked into a Coraggio introduction session where I first heard about Coraggio thinking, I am definitely not the right person for this experience, however after hearing from an amazing consultant Laura Paris, this experience changed the way I looked at my business. And it did. As a micro-business owner, it is not a small commitment to become a member of Coraggio, but it has been a conscious decision and a commitment to work on my business, not just in my business and more importantly, upscale. That morning listening to what support, structure and what the community has to offer excited me to want to be part of this great organisation. This was the best decision I have made because these past two years have captured by business clarity, vision and growth.

How does Coraggio support your business?

Coraggio is my accountability and support system. The monthly board meetings are not just about supporting each other, but highlighting learning and finding solutions. This environment enables us to work on our businesses, providing valuable information and diverse knowledge, which prevents mistakes and mitigates risk.

I also love tapping more and more into the community, build mutually beneficial business contacts and establish personal relationships. Coraggio facilitates this networking.

It is also my responsibility to stay accountable. The Coraggio Advisory Board is my monthly business health and review check-in. This is probably the most powerful thing Coraggio offers – a safe and confidential closed-door platform, where you can be honest and transparent not just about your wins, but venting mistakes, challenging issues and solving problems, and where you get first-hand assistance and support to stay on track.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  • Supports my business
  • Offers a safe environment for problem solving
  • Helps me work on my business with the mindset of upscaling and sustainability
  • It is a great sense of community and I value being part within this community
  • Last, but not least, I experienced the true support from Coraggio as a community and as an organisation in real hardship through COVID-19, with a focus on making it through this time together, which reinforces my decision to be a “Coraggian”

Time Management – Consulting

Company size
> 20 Employees



Key outcomes

  • Ongoing commitment to growth
  • Clarity and support highlighting how to achieve my vision
  • Forward thinking, and on track to create a sustainable business that supports my vision and mission
  • Belonging to a great, empatheic and skilled community who “has your back”
  • Accountability. I found a great supportive board that ensures I remain accountable and on track.
Ildi Racz

Ildi Racz
Owner/Founder and Time Mindset Coach

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