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How Coraggio provided assistance to this design company, helping them identify the right people to hire at the right time?

In business, the impressions made on your customers matter. We develop engaging brands that speak volumes and often get customers spreading the word, too. 

From as far as Dublin to as close as Morwell, our team’s global perspective helps us create elegant design solutions for leading businesses. Feel free to pay us a visit to meet the design team behind the black skivvies (we don’t actually wear black skivvies).

We’re based in beautiful Gippsland, in one of Traralgon’s most impressive buildings. The second story loft studio is centrally located and easily accessible for visitors from outside the region.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

Coraggio just felt right. I’d been to other groups and joined other associations but it was generally either about networking or referrals — and those are fine, but a little more surface level than I was personally looking for. Coraggio seemed to offer something deeper, where I could really talk over and get advice about the systems and processes in my business, without feeling obligated to return a favor or flick over a lead.

How we use Coraggio

The board meetings are a great sounding board. The businesses I sit with are from different industries, and everyone has something unique to say about the mechanics of business, things like accounting, trade policies, HR, sales approaches and more.

The verdict

5 reasons why I love Coraggio:

  • Getting fresh perspectives on day to day issues
  • The discipline of taking one day a month to work ON the business
  • Mixing with business owners in regions and industries and sizes that I wouldn’t otherwise get to mix with
  • The genuine nature and authenticity of the people involved
  • The facilities, events, chair people, speakers and staff are an added bonus too


Company size
<20 Employees


Key outcomes

Decisiveness/composure when making decisions 

The feeling that there’s someone to reach out and ask help of 

A group who look out for each other 

Having a peer group to answer to

Working ON not IN the business

John Calabro

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