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Peter Ord is an Executive Director with Coraggio. He has more than 30 years management and marketing experience in the U.S, U.K and Australia. Peter has owned and operated several start-up medical device companies, including Device Technologies – the largest privately-owned health device company in Australia and New Zealand.

It is Peter’s belief that nobody knows everything, and to be successful further knowledge must be obtained. Through Peter’s experience the greatest value he has found is through reaching out to people who have had those experiences before. Peter shares his opinion on the power of mentorship.

You can’t beat the lessons you gain from someone who has been there before and can guide you through the situation. I had a number of mentors and they were invaluable to me moving forward in business. Without them, quite frankly, I wouldn’t have been so successful.

Mentorship has been invaluable in both my personal and business lives.

In my business life mentorship has provided a number of assets which I didn’t possess. First, the ability to look behind the scenes to see what could happen that you’re not thinking about. If you’re experiencing something for the first time you really don’t know where all the dangers (and opportunities) lie.

The second was being able to assess programs, situations and people to gauge the best available options and value in any situation.

I commenced with Coraggio because I had a relationship with my chairperson, who mentioned to me that I should join the group. I obviously had a lot of questions but, when I started going to the meetings and began to understand what they did, I was taken with the concept.

It is both brilliant and simple – an Advisory Board comprised of people in different businesses with different skills. Being able to access all that diverse knowledge and experience is an incredible thing.

I was able to take away a couple of points each time and apply them to my business, which then grew from $50 million to $400 million.

Now as an investor in businesses I have the opportunity to speak with many business owners and understand that they to are looking for ways to further their success. When I explain Coraggio to them, they then ask me how they join.

Coraggio is a wonderful opportunity.

With 12 members in each Advisory Board, mentoring you on a continuous basis. Since 2010, I have had the privilege of witnessing it increase the value of every individual and their business.

Learn how the power of peer-to-peer mentoring will help you grow – contact us today.

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