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How Coraggio's strategic guidance, helped this taxation firm take a holistic business approach

Our business was founded in 2010, we specialise in bookkeeping and all types of taxation for individuals to businesses, trusts and SMSF. The business growth was due to connections we had made with other businesses including mortgage brokers and financial planners. We maintained relationships in order to get referral business and since this referral circle has now grown.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

Being the sole director of the business, it can sometimes feel lonely. Lonely in the sense you may need to brainstorm ideas, discover new technology, find out how others are operating their business. Depending what industry you are in you may glean bits and pieces from clients however it’s not always enough.

Coraggio was a commitment to myself and my business investing one day a month to sit down and actually focus on my business with like-minded people that may have the same or similar challenges and as a board, we all assist each other whilst providing a shoulder to lean on. I can offer fellow Coraggions my real business struggles and obtain advice from them on how to forward and make my business more productive.

How we use Coraggio

Coraggio provides great support. From the founder, to the Chair, to the businesses involved. Someone from your Board is always checking in on you and keeping you accountable – this is priceless!

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  1. Value add – get others perspectives
  2. Growth – work on growing the business and how to engage with the clients you need
  3. Network – meeting like minded people
  4. Knowlege – from other business owners regarding how they do things
  5. Time out – time away from the business to focus on the business


Company size

> 20


Located in Putney but service Australia wide

Key outcomes as a result of being with Coraggio

  • Accountability
  • Support
  • Growth
  • Mindset
  • Community – I am no longer lonely

Nicole Canale
Director, Canale Tax and Accounting  

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