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Coraggio is delighted to announce the appointment of Richard Turner as a new Advisory Board Chair. Renowned as a trailblazer entrepreneur who has successfully scaled three billion-dollar businesses across different industries, Richard brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the Coraggio community.

Richard’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of remarkable. He was named Australian Entrepreneur of the Year for the Cleantech sector in 2010 and has received numerous accolades for his ventures, including his most recent endeavor, Zen Energy. Zen is now the largest Clean Energy Generator and Retailer in Australia, supplying electricity to large segments of the Commercial and Industrial market.

“Richard’s addition to our team represents a significant milestone for Coraggio,” states Richard Skarzynski, CEO of Coraggio. “His expertise in scaling businesses, passion for sustainability, and commitment to driving positive change align perfectly with our mission. We look forward to the incredible value he will bring to our members.”

As an Advisory Board Chair at Coraggio, Richard will provide guidance, mentorship, and strategic insights to the community of business owners who value honesty, transparency, focus, and structure. Coraggio Members will have the unique opportunity to learn directly from Richard and benefit from his vast experiences, insights, and support.

“I’m thrilled to step into the role of Advisory Board Chair with Coraggio in Melbourne. My journey with startups and mentoring countless companies has equipped me with insights I’m eager to share. At Coraggio, we have a unique model that fosters learning and collaboration among entrepreneurs. Nurturing and guiding entrepreneurship has always been my profound passion, and I’m looking forward to contributing further in this new capacity,” Richard Turner.

Richards recently released book ‘The Essential Entrepreneur,’ encapsulates a lifetime of learnings in starting and scaling successful businesses.

About Coraggio

A Coraggio Advisory Board is a community that welcomes business owners who value honesty, transparency, focus, and structure. Chaired by an experienced entrepreneur skilled in scaling businesses, the Advisory Board offers trusted advice on various business challenges, including people management, cash flow, legal matters, marketing, and growth structures, ensuring the creation of a sustainable and successful business aligned with the business owner’s long-term goals.

By becoming a Coraggio Member, you gain access to the collective intelligence of other business owners, industry leaders, and phenomenal guest speakers. Your Advisory Board becomes your tribe, enabling you to benefit from the experiences, insights, and support of others whilst increasing your professional and personal development and accountability as a business leader.

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