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How Coraggio's strategic guidance, helped this recruitment company take a holistic business approach

Established in 2014, People Medical’s goal was to support Medical Practitioners who wanted to pursue a career in General Practice in Australia, by sourcing them GP jobs.

In addition, assisting them in their pathway to both registration, achieving a Medicare Provider Number and towards their Fellowship and beyond.

Our recruitment team who helps Medical Practitioners, facilities, and other partner businesses prepare applications to RACGP, ACRRM, AHPRA, the Department of Health & Medicare as well as facilitate where they want to be.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

I discovered Coraggio at a time in my life where I felt very lost and alone. I was struggling with my focus in the business, and knowing what moves to make next.

I was getting investment offers in my business that I didn’t know whether to pursue and I was struggling to hold onto staff – and I didn’t know whether I was even choosing the right staff.

Coraggio represented a place to go where I could talk about all my business issues amongst a group of people who actually understood. They had been where I was and pushed onto the next level. I chose Coraggio to also push me to the next level and challenge my way of thinking.

How we use Coraggio

Coraggio allows me to validate (or void) decisions I’ve made, discuss decisions I want to make, and find solutions for problems I’m facing. It also gives me the opportunity to feel like I’m giving back by supporting other businesses achieve their goals.

The verdict

5 reasons why I love Coraggio:

  • The people
  • The experience I have access to
  • The support I receive
  • The ability to feel I’m giving back
  • The confidence I need


Company size

Based in Brisbane, servicing Doctor’s internationally by sourcing work in Australia

Key outcomes

  • Increased confidence
  • Renewed purpose
  • Sense of community
  • Being kept accountable
  • Focussing on critical business decisions and outcomes
Megan Shorter Headshot

Megan Shorter
Team Direction Manager, People Medical Consulting

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