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How Coraggio's cashflow guidance, helped this real estate company to take a holistic business approach

Von embarked on her real estate career just over seven years ago within another company, with a vision to one day having her own business.  That vision became a reality, when her business officially opened its doors on 26th February 2016, with a team of five staff members, founded by Von and her husband John.

Von’s goals for her real estate business is to become the best boutique agency in Brisbane – with kindness and a heart.  The next step is to attract agents with the “Von Barnes Philosophy”; a rare commodity in an industry that is not reputed for its integrity.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

As my company grew, I needed guidance and a reality check. Coraggio provides encouragement to take the next steps to achieve my goals and scale-up, to look at the “bigger picture”, and become the best I can be. I am often too busy to take stock of how things are going.  A regular review is often either the pat-on-the-back that is always nice to hear from successful people, or it might be the kick-in-the-tail that is sometimes needed.

How we use Coraggio

Coraggio is a safe, nourishing and supportive environment to float ideas and get an outsider’s honest opinion that is business-focused, not real estate focused. I am also educated by successful experts in their field as I continue to build and expand my business.

The verdict

5 reasons why I love Coraggio:

  • A whole network outside my usual day to day network

  • Support, comradery and an outside perspective.

  • Knowledge and advice.

  • Discipline and accountability to focus on the hard decisions.

  • Tough love.


Company size
<20 Employees

Enoggera, Queensland

Key outcomes

  • A leaner more streamlined business.
  • Profitable within 3 years of opening.
  • Self-belief to continue to grow.
  • More resilient to the tough times, mentally and financially.
  • Courage to make the changes necessary to achieve my goals.
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Von Barnes

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