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How Coraggio's strategic guidance, helped this project management company take a holistic business approach

Established in 2016, Benaiah Project Management is a property and infrastructure management firm. Our company specialises in greenfield development in Southern and Western Sydney, as well as public open space, sport fields, and major road/bridge infrastructure projects for private and public developers.

Benaiah was established after the Founding Director spent time working client side and witnessed substandard management services and this presented an opportunity in the market to provide improvements hence… Benaiah Project Management began.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

As a younger business owner, I’ve always thought it would be good practice to invest in self-development, mentoring, and wise counsel. When there are no ‘old heads’ to seek advice in our organisation, I looked to Coraggio to provide mentoring, advice, and a sounding board for business ideas.

How we use Coraggio

Coraggio provides a valuable forum where I can be surrounded by like minded business owners, whom challenge and validate your business ideas and direction. The accountability around business reporting and planning ensures our business position is known, whether good or bad, knowledge enables management the clear foresight to make educated and considered decisions.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  • Accountability
  • Like minded business owners sharing and critiquing each other
  • Planning and commitment
  • Support in times of lost direction or hardship
  • Forced time away from working in the business, and time to reflect on the business

Determined. Project Management.

Company size
> 20

Hurtsville NSW, servicing Sydney and Southern NSW

Key outcomes

  • Business planning and cash forecasting regularly reviewed and updated
  • Self-development through monthly guest speakers
  • Future planning and business growth structure considered
  • Support and assurance of direction and decisions
  • Quality connections with a range of business board members
Ben Bourke Headshot

Ben Bourke
Managing Director, Benaiah

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