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How Coraggio helps to execute and test ideas?

Peita & Warwick found this company in 2015, only weeks after the arrival of their youngest daughter. With a strong internal culture; vision, the team members are as passionate about their plumbing business as the directors themselves. Hard work and commitment saw their company grow and become a trusted local company servicing all areas of Brisbane.

The company is driven by the want to provide a reliable; complete plumbing service from start to finish for their clients. A personal touch, coupled with the quality of workmanship is the key drivers at the forefront of their growth. The company maintains a strong sense of local community.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

After searching through multiple platforms and coaching options, it was fair to say that Coraggio provided the most value and catered for the most holistic approach for business entrepreneurship.

How we use Coraggio

Coraggio keeps us accountable on a regular basis which allows us to test ideas and draw on others’ experiences to assist us to make the most informed decisions for our business.

The verdict

5 reasons why I love Coraggio:

  • Of the genuine interest of the members in the success of each other
  • The educational speakers and content made available to members
  • The structured business planning and reporting that allows for growth
  • The quality of like-minded entrepreneurs inside the boards and within the greater network
  • The ability to share the trials and tribulations of business with others.


Company size
<20 Employees

Chermside West, Brisbane

Key outcomes

It has helped us increase our profit and revenue

Realigned our roles and responsibilities in line with our business ideals

Helped breathe life into our brands vision

It has redefined our work/life balance

Empowered us to understand and control our business better

Warwick and Peita Royal

Warwick and Peita Royal

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