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Scaling a service-based business is an exciting endeavor, however, it also comes with varying challenges. It is critical for business owners to be aware of these common pain points that may arise during this process so Coraggio provides examples of how business owners can mitigate risk and overcome challenges.

  1. Limited resources

Limited resources are a primary pain point when scaling a service-based business. Financial constraints, employee shortages, and resource/infrastructure limitations may hinder growth ambitions.

Coraggio’s tip: Consider seeking external funding options such as Grants, investors, implementing cost-saving measures, and leveraging technology to optimise operations to reduce and consolidate resourcing requirements.

  1. Maintaining service quality

Maintaining consistent service quality becomes crucial as your business expands. Strive to uphold the standards that set your business apart, while managing increasing client numbers.

Coraggio’s tip: Develop efficient systems, train your staff diligently, and monitor performance to ensure every customer receives the same level of excellence aligned with your brand promise.

  1. Hiring and retaining quality staff

Finding and retaining skilled staff is a significant pain point. Competition for talent is fierce and adopting a proactive approach to recruitment and employee retention is essential.

Coraggio’s tip: Build a strong employer brand and the “go-to company of choice”, establish attractive incentives, and invest in professional development and employee progression, whilst cultivating culture by fostering a positive working environment to attract and retain top talent.

  1. Operational efficiency

Inefficient processes, lack of automation, and outdated systems can hinder growth, consume resources and create bottlenecks.

Coraggio’s tip: Streamline operations by identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, implementing scalable solutions, and leveraging technology tools to enhance business productivity and streamline workflows.

  1. Marketing and lead generation

How do you generate a consistent flow of qualified leads? Develop a robust marketing strategy specifically targeting your ideal audience identified through various channels.

Coraggio’s tip: Invest in digital marketing, content creation, and social media engagement to increase brand visibility and exposure, build company credibility, and attract customers and prospects.

  1. Client Relationship Management

As your company’s client base expands, managing relationships becomes more complex. Delivering personalised attention, effective communication, and tailored solutions to each client is imperative regardless of the size of your customer database.

Coraggio’s tip: Implement customer relationship management (CRM) systems to streamline interactions, and maintain a comprehensive database whilst guaranteeing prompt, timely, and personalised customer service.

  1. Scalable pricing and profitability

Determining the right pricing structure to remain profitable whilst scaling your business can be challenging. Regularly evaluating your pricing strategy by assessing market demands, competitor’s price point to maintain margins is imperative.

Coraggio’s tip: Consider tiered pricing, value-added services, and strategic partnerships to maintain profitability, including joint affiliations with industry partners to attract and retain customers.

Despite the complex issues service-based companies face when scaling, the rewards are sustainable business growth. An example is the graphic design platform, Canva, which overcame fierce tech giants such as Microsoft and Adobe, to transform the design industry and grow into a $3.2 billion company.

Co-Founder, Cameron Adams reflected on the company’s growth sharing the greatest lessons learnt during Canva’s growth stage as follows:

  1. Focus on solving real problems for consumers

Canva’s journey highlights the importance of solving real consumer problems. By identifying a need for accessible and user-friendly graphic design tools, Canva created a platform which resonated with worldwide users. When scaling your service-based business, focus on addressing genuine pain points and offering tangible solutions providing value to your target audience.

  1. Be clear regarding your purpose (internally and externally)

Clarity of purpose is essential when scaling a business. Clearly defining why, you do what you do not only helps align your team but also communicates your value proposition to customers. Ensure that your purpose is well-defined and consistently communicated across all aspects of your business.

  1. Value guides action

In today’s business landscape, employees seek companies aligned with their values demonstrating a commitment to living those values daily. Businesses can no longer rely only on additional perks, however, required to create a culture fostering meaningful action-based initiatives.

  1. Think global, act local

Canva’s early growth was fueled by its dedication to making its product accessible to a global audience. Internationalisation and localisation played a crucial role in expanding their reach. When scaling, consider how you can make your service appropriate and relevant to worldwide users. This incorporated offering localised features, culturally relevant content libraries, and building hyperlocal products that resonate with a diverse array of users and markets.

  1. Constantly evolve your product or service

Canva’s journey is a testament to the importance of continuous product evolution. To remain competitive, constantly assess your offering and seek opportunities for improvement. Stay attuned to customer feedback, market trends, and emerging technologies, facilitating your business to adapt your service-based market offering addressing customers evolving needs and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

The lessons learned from Canva’s remarkable journey provides valuable insights and inspiration for business owners embarking on their own scaling endeavors. By applying these lessons and maintaining these 7 common pain points, business owners will seamlessly navigate the challenges of scaling and position their service-based business for sustainable growth and ensuing success.

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