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Organisational Resilience

By August 17, 2020March 21st, 2022Article

The emergence of the coronavirus has highlighted the necessity for businesses to improve organisational resilience and community well-being, using virtual collaboration technologies and practices Organisations may decide to conduct work digitally in response to the pandemic. What does this mean for your business? Are digital workforces a short-term phenomenon or a long-term trend? How are companies going to build value in this new work environment?

Organisations that have already adopted future work practises are likely to be well prepared to continue their operations and adapt rapidly to the demands of navigating the impact of COVID-19. Job, labour, and work experience within these companies is assisted by an ecosystem of virtual capital, technology and behavioural norms that describe work as something we do, not somewhere we go. As a result, these organisations can adopt a holistic response under these strict conditions.

Coraggio’s Experience

We are on the front line, just like our members, adapting to this new climate. We are rethinking how companies are responding to the epidemic and where organisational transitions are required.  Coraggio has access to changes in trends amongst companies nationally and visibility across most industry sectors. To that end, the following practical ideas highlights how your organisation and teams can adapt in the short to long term within this changing climate.

The Management Revolution

Generating effective organisational resilience commences with intuitive decision-makers.  Management teams that concentrate on collaborative solutions, linking systems, and operations, are critical to this process in today’s climate.

These organisations are building an environment which facilitates people, ideas, and services to cost-effectively remain seamlessly connected in real time. They are pioneers developing new markets, new clients, and new prospects.

The management revolution for organisations that operate this way is rewarding both internally and for their customers. However, companies yet to adapt to this transition are directly compromising ongoing, sustainable success.

Evidence of this revolution is market capitalisation, which is a testament to the five largest companies in the world. The lumbering giants of the 20th century is being replaced by companies championing new management strategies and leading industry developments such as: Apple, Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft.

Your company may not be directly comparable to these industry pioneers, however the values they follow are clear, and their definition of organisational sustainability are concise and set the pace for other business leaders.

The Role of Software

The management revolution did not take place overnight. It began several decades ago elevating the spread of software as a milestone in the digital age that continues today. New technology has empowered companies that are able to adapt and transform in fresh, exciting, and disruptive ways.

As the digital age continues to witness the mass adoption of companies incorporating business process software, self-induced digital disruption has become commonplace. Staff, departments, and companies are fast adapting to emerging business processes to meet the increasing speed of technology, end-user demand and new market opportunities. What this means is that non-customers are turning into new customers and existing organisations are continuing to establish new markets.

In Pursuit of Organisational Resilience

Organisational resilience is a strategic necessity for organisational sustainability in today’s environment. This cannot be viewed separately from corporate goals or processes.  The outdated view of organisational resilience, inputting risk-mitigating roles and program into day-to-day business operations is no longer adequate.

Organisational resilience is the engine of earnings. Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are industry leaders, predicting consumer demand and developing new opportunities through recognising their internal and external corporate environments. They were able to predict and catalyse market change and adapt before the remainder of the industry fully understood. They were open to changes, unlike their competitors, but rather proactive.  Their risk tolerance, desire for creativity and potential for self-disruption has been incorporated into their corporate goals and vision of the future, enabling them to explore the future of their business with confidence.

Imagine gaining peace of mind to seamlessly access these answers and navigate other business challenges as they arise, simply by connecting with empathetic, knowledgeable industry peer leaders and entrepreneurs?

We encourage you to leverage Coraggio’s support system and capitalise on our give-and-take dynamic amongst people who have walked the path before.


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