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Member mentoring – Shared from great business minds

One of the oldest ages for business success is Simplify to Amplify which is a point Coffee King and entrepreneur Phillip Di Bella explains as the ultimate test when making a margarita pizza for all great pizza makers. Why? It is difficult to get the simple things right, concept on point, the correct execution and emotional engagement.

Phillip Di Bella is a person with integrity. He has had a remarkable business (and life) journey, turning a household brand Di Bella Coffee into a $60 million deal and more recently launching The Coffee Commune facilitating an ideal space to coach and mentor other business owners, focusing on helping other entrepreneurs succeed in an ever changing business world. He is dedicated to helping others be successful by giving back to colleagues and paying it forward by supporting numerous not for profits, specifically family and domestic violence. He raised charity funds in the 2022 Dancing CEOs, kicking up his heels on the dance floor with his daughter for a good cause, supported by family and friends.

Phillip’s insightful professional snapshots & personal tips and business key
takeaways incorporated –

  • Work from the outside in. Think about the fundamentals and get the 1% right.
  • This will make your customers sticky!
  • Anticipate the problem and solve the problem one day at a time
  • What makes you different and relevant? If you close the doors today, where will your customer go tomorrow?
  • What is your why? Your purpose in terms of personal, professional and family, eg take a holistic approach. Everyone has a story and a journey – own yours.
  • Conduct a professional and personal S.W.O.T. analysis. Remember to review!
  • Hang around people smarter than you, afterall, luck is timing and opportunity.
  • Build confidence, develop resilience and ensure you are consistent
  • Be part of the change you want to see!

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