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How Coraggio's support, helped this management software company to take a holistic business approach

Launched in 2014, JESI is a global, location-based software solution that enables an organisation to control the risks associated with a Mobile Workforce operating remotely across multiple geographic locations. Including remote, isolated, lone workers – and now employees Working from Home or On-Site during COVID-19.

JESI was originally based in Townsville, regional North Queensland where he still maintains an office.  In 2019 Brisbane became the home of the corporate office.

As a tech Startup, JESI has successfully raised capital over the past 5 years and was the first business to receive equity investment from the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative, the Business Development Fund; along with key investor Future Now Ventures in 2016.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

At a time during JESI’s growth, we recognised the need to consider a more structured advisory network or board. Coraggio’s model appealed to us immediately. We particularly liked the ability to share, learn and grow with like-minded and similar business owners.

How we use Coraggio

The ability to bounce ideas and validate concepts is a given. However, the real key is to be able to meet with people who have a personal interest in you as a human being – but also challenge your thinking is a great asset. To share experiences, perspectives & learnings with fellow group Coraggio members is a great way to gain and add value.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  • Our Chair – Brad Seymour has provided so much value to our business as we move through several strategic challenges.
  • My personal growth – to be challenged and held to task, for me, has been great.
  • Comradery with other business owners, who are dealing with the same or similar issues of running a business. You become true. You are invested in the success of your fellow members’ businesses as they are to yours.
  • Being able to share experiences from different industries. Really … what do we do at a small software company that can add value to legal, real estate agency, digital agency, recruitment, packaging, engineering, or industrial cleaning companies.  And vice versa – what can I learn from them.
  • Being surrounded by people who ‘get it’ and who understand it is liberating

Software management

Company size
20-50 Employees


Brisbane (Redcliffe/Morteon Bay) and Townsville

Key outcomes

  • Support to being the best you can be.
  • Viewpoints of others in and on our business.
  • Team approach.
  • Friendship.
  • Growth focus.
Joe Hoolahan

Joe Hoolahan 
CEO and Co-Founder

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