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How Coraggio's strategic guidance, helped this organisation take a holistic business approach

Fast Track Communications is a contracting business providing Electrical, Data and Audio Visual infrastructure services the financial, medical, sporting, datacentre and logistics sectors nationally. Founded in 2002 they have grown into a dynamic, agile evolving business serving, corporate, industrial and commercial businesses Australia wide, specialising in end to end connectivity, priding themselves on corporate relationships.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

As a small to medium business, we reached our ceiling in regards to growth strategy and the “how to” advance our business to the next level. We were referred to Coraggio and following review decided the platform and the structure around like minded businesses and independent boards specifically targeting our areas of need was what my business required.

How we use Coraggio

Coraggio provides a platform through chaired Advisory Board meetings to work on and trouble shoot the areas specifically challenging my business. Coraggio provides an encouraging positive environment with insightful feedback and insights, whilst holding me accountable for the work required to move my business to its next phase.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  1. Professional Environment
  2. Positive encouragement
  3. Open forum
  4. Experienced Chairs
  5. Great business knowledge

Information Technology & Services – Business connectivity solutions

Company size

50 – 100 employees


Fast Track Communications is a Sydney based business with HQ in St Leonards. Utilising our contractor and partner network we service our clients Australia wide and our clients off shore in NZ.

Key outcomes as a result of being with Coraggio

  • More effective ways to approach strategic aspects of the business
  • Greater awareness of our profitable business sectors
  • Now have acquired a focussed approach to target marketing
  • Clearer measurement of sales and where we need to focus
  • Better understanding regarding how to approach business strategy for ongoing growth.

Mark Forland
Director | Fast Track Communications

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