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How Coraggio's strategy guidance, helped this freight forwarding company take a holistic business approach

Across the Ocean Shipping was set up in the front room of David Aherne’s apartment in 2008 having just migrated from Australia a few months earlier. The decision to set up a freight forwarding business was something David had thought about a lot when moving over to Australia. In an effort to make the most of moving to another country. With the attitude was nothing to lose and everything to gain, David began Across the Ocean Shipping. Now, twelve years on it is a multi-million dollar business with offices in Australia, USA and Netherlands.

The company has been built purely on customer service and relationships. As a service industry, Across the Ocean Shipping is judged on communication, service and accountability. They have a team of employees in Australia and the USA that have been with the company for a number of years ensuring continuity and experience.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

The main reason for joining Coraggio was to seek advice. Ten years into the business and having been badly burned by a couple of incidents earlier in the year, I decided that instead of constantly looking for answers myself, I needed to surround myself with fellow business owners who had been on the same journey.

How we use Coraggio

I use Coraggio as a learning centre. Almost everyone on my board has had their own problems in business which I have experienced or can relate to. I find that spending time each month listening to other members stories really inspires me and makes me think of new ways to run my business for the better. There are many people in Coraggio that I have reached out to for assistance in my business, it is a fantastic network.

The verdict

5 reasons why I love Coraggio:

  • Accountability

  • Advice

  • There is no bull sh*t, no one strokes ego’s if you have a question you get a straight answer.

  • Guidance and education on how to run your business better.

  • The feeling of having a support network.


Company size
20-50 Employees

Melbourne Australia, Los Angeles USA, Rotterdam Netherlands

Key outcomes

  • Belief and confidence in my actions

  • A mindset change to look into all the nuts and bolts of my business from top to bottom.

  • Regular goals to target and a plan to reach those goals.

  • A realization that my way isn’t always the right way.

  • Value the business that I have and embrace the challenges and rewards that come with running your own business.

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David Aherne
Managing Director

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