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How Coraggio's strategic guidance, helped this boutique accounting firm take a holistic business approach

The original business, Australian Automotive Distribution started in 2000 as with the importation of tyres from South Korea and the provision of business services to regional distributors that led to expanding to other automotive businesses including;

  • Federation of Automotive Parts Manufacturers (FAPM) – Quality assessment and benchmarking
  • Fiat Chrysler Australia – Dealer warranty audits
  • Mercedes-Benz Commercial – Dealer parts department sales training
  • Volkswagen Group – Audi and Volkswagen dealer quality audits

The Global Financial Crisis had a significant impact on Australia’s automotive industry and the existing business services were no longer required. Seeking employment, Jamie secured a contract with AusIndustry for the ‘Green Car Innovation Fund’ and shortly after the program was abandoned moved to the R&D Tax Concession program to undertake applicant’s field audits.

Following finalising more than 130 audits and noticing the R&D consultants on the whole lacked science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) qualifications, the decision was made to exit the Australian public service and establish Tech Abstract. Jamie’s vision was to provide technical and tax agent services for Australian companies with their R&D Tax Incentive Applications.

In 2018 the services expanded with Tech Check to include application assessment and management of review/audits for clients new to Tech Abstract whose original R&D Tax Incentive application was compiled by someone without STEM qualifications.

Reasons for choosing Coraggio

I like to think that Coraggio chose me! I first heard of Coraggio via a stranger on Bridge Street, Sydney who had just attended an introductory session. Soon after I was with a client and noted their business had grown and asked why, and the answer was Coraggio. Shortly after I met a representative from Coraggio at a networking breakfast, so I decided to learn more about Coraggio’s market offering as the world was sending me more than enough invitations.

How we use Coraggio

Monthly review, support and comradeship from fellow board members and facilitating one day per month to step away from normal business operational activities to learn from others and invest in my business strategy.

The verdict

5 reasons why I value Coraggio:

  • Our Chair, Kelly Beaumont
  • Fellow Board Members – Variety, skills, experience and empathy
  • Impressive calibre of the monthly guest speakers
  • Networking opportunities – network equals networth!
  • New business from Coraggio members

Financial Services

Company size

> 20


Lane Cove, Sydney based servicing east coast Australia

Key outcomes

  • Practical business education
  • Genuine support
  • Access to resources/knowledge
  • Better placed for ‘scale to sale’
  • Comradeship

Jamie Collins
Director, Tech Abstract

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